Aliza Bennett is a multifaceted, self-destructive, quirky actress with a major self-esteem problem and a troubled past.   After a devastating and abusive relationship shattered her emotionally, Aliza takes a job filming a TV show on location in a tiny East Coast town, far away from her troubles in LA.  When she starts to fall for her co-star, Jesse Black, she must challenge her instinctual flight response, a battle she nearly loses. 
     Despite its turbulent start, Aliza and Jesse's relationship finally starts to gain some momentum.  Jesse is kind, sarcastic, and sexy, yet Aliza has a hard time trusting her feelings for him.  Meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend Cameron’s intense jealousy and continued harassment threaten to destroy any gains she makes. 
     When Aliza survives an act of violence at Cameron’s hands, she questions whether she will ever find a way forward.  Can Jesse help her heal and learn to love again?
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