Elwyn has always felt insecure and disconnected, unsure of how or why she fits into the world, seeking through her art to fill in the missing pieces of herself. James has been plagued by nightmares of a dying woman since he was a child. When Elwyn and James meet, everything they have taken for granted as reality is thrown into question. Understanding blooms in fits and starts, interrupted by Elwyn’s fears of attachment and eventually by the unwanted attentions of an obsessed and disturbed art student.
     Throughout the novel, Elwyn discovers reservoirs of strength and independence as she faces these challenges, endearing the reader with her feisty nature and her fierce desires to create authentically, to love intensely and to transcend some destructive links to her past. “The Nature of Entangled Hearts” takes us on a thrilling ride through past and present, through love and dread, through loss and reclamation, leaving us thankful that we don’t understand all the mysteries of the universe just yet, and reminding us never to take our lives - or our loves - for granted.
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